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Australia and New Zealand leaders express "unanimity" on the Pacific and climate

Image: Reuters Berita 24 English - Friday, the leaders of Australia and New Zealand pledged to elevate their relations to a "new level&...

Image: Reuters

Berita 24 English - Friday, the leaders of Australia and New Zealand pledged to elevate their relations to a "new level" by collaborating more closely on climate change and regional security.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated that the two countries shared worries regarding China's efforts to expand its influence in the Pacific.

Albanese told reporters in Sydney during a news conference with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, "We're in lockstep on the Pacific."

"The prime minister and I are committed to elevating trans-Tasman ties," he said.

China recently signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands, much to the chagrin of the United States and its Australian and New Zealand allies, who have viewed the Pacific islands as their sphere of influence for decades.

China has disregarded their worries and is moving forward with establishing ties, claiming that it poses no military threat and that progress and prosperity benefit all parties.

Ten Pacific nations have recently postponed consideration of a comprehensive trade and security agreement with China.

Albanese took government last month after winning the general election, promising Pacific islanders a new emphasis on combating climate change, which threatens their survival.

Ardern, the first foreign leader to visit Australia after the country's election, applauded Australia's new stance on climate change, adding that the election victory represented "an opportunity to reset" their relations.

Ardern stated, "Climate change is a global issue that has a big impact in our region, and we are keen to collaborate with our Pacific partners to combat this significant challenge."

She stated that the governments desired an increase in Pacific Island voices in the area since, despite much engagement, many nations had not had the opportunity to speak for themselves.

In her meeting with Albanese, Ardern also brought up Australia's controversial deportation policies. Albanese promised to "work through" concerns.

Australia deports foreigners convicted of crimes as part of an immigration crackdown that can potentially result in the loss of citizenship for dual nationals.

The approach has resulted in the deportation of hundreds of people to New Zealand, a country that some left as youngsters.

According to official data, approximately 15 percent of New Zealand's population, or 670,000 individuals, reside in Australia.

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